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Camellia Brand
3 bacon and bean breakfast tacos on a cut board

Bean & Bacon Breakfast Tacos

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  • Cooked Camellia Brand Pinto Beans
  • Eggs
  • Bacon slices
  • Shredded cheese
  • Small flour or corn tortillas
  • Chopped avocado
  • Optional toppings: chopped cilantro and pico de gallo
Total time:
25 minutes
Prep time:
15 minutes
Cook time:
10 minutes


  1. Cook bacon in skillet over medium heat until well-browned. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate to cool. Once cool, break bacon into bits and set aside.
  2. Heat a small amount of oil or butter in a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Whisk eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and pour into skillet. Cook until eggs are set and put aside.
  3. Heat tortillas, covered with a damp towel, in the microwave. Or, if you have a gas stovetop, use tongs to heat the tortillas over an open flame until charred and hot.
  4. Place warmed tortillas side by side on a plate. Fill each tortilla with scrambled eggs, pinto beans, shredded cheese, bacon bits and chopped avocado. Top with chopped cilantro and pico de gallo, if desired. Serve immediately.


Ingredients used in this Recipe

pinto beans eggs cilantro Avocado Cheese Tortialls