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Picnic Perfect: Bring These Baby Limas to Your Next Get-Together

Picnic Perfect: Bring These Baby Limas to Your Next Get-Together

Take these sweet and tangy baby lima beans on your next picnic, even if it’s inside at your kitchen table. This baby lima recipe gets that picnic flavor from the same baked bean sweet and sour taste we know and love. Instead of tomatoes and molasses, this recipe uses onions and celery quick-pickled in honey and vinegar. Quick pickling is a great way to get the same depth of flavor as traditional pickling in less time. This light flavor profile allows the earthy flavor of the baby limas to shine through while still getting that perfect picnic taste.

Baby Limas Recipe

More sweet notes come from deeply caramelized onion and roasted red pepper. Save time by roasting your red pepper directly over a gas stove using tongs to turn it until the skin is mostly blackened. The char of the peppers gives the beans a subtle, barbecue flavor that will complement any grilled dishes. Fresh mint picked from the garden adds color and the taste of more sunny days to come.

Enjoy the salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami flavors of this dish at your next outdoor – or indoor – summer get-together.

Jim Dixon, founder of

Jim Dixon, founder of, shares his philosophy of baked beans and his baby limas recipe with us. Jim is a recovering food writer who likes to cook and eat. He needs an endless supply of good olive oil.

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