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Camellia Brand Expands Products on Sam’s Club Shelves

Camellia Brand has expanded its products in Sam’s Club stores to include the new 4-pound Large Lima Bean pack size.

New Sam’s Club Location

Camellia Brand’s non-GMO certified, 100 percent U.S. farmed, gluten-free beans will be in 14 Sam’s Club stores throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Camellia originated in New Orleans in 1923 when L.H. Hayward & Co., began selling red beans at the Old French Market. Since then, Camellia Brand Beans have expanded to stores across the United States.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy our premium-quality products. For this reason, it’s always our goal to get more of our products on the shelves of stores in as many locations as possible,” said Vince Hayward, fourth-generation owner and CEO of L.H. Hayward & Co. “Beans are something you can always buy in bulk and have on hand. We look forward to expanding a variety of 4-pound options to supermarket shelves on a widespread scale.”

Premium Quality Beans

Established in 1923, Camellia Brand distributes premium dry beans, peas and lentils throughout the South, and has recently expanded to the Northeastern United States. The New Orleans-based company has grown tremendously since its inception. The 4-pound Large Lima pack is the first variety to be offered in addition to Camellia’s Brand iconic Red Beans currently available in Sam’s Clubs. Along with the Large Limas, Camellia plans to introduce several beans, pea and lentil varieties based on consumer demand. A couple of the new product offerings in Sam’s Clubs are: Pinto BeansBlackeye PeasLentilsBlack Beans and Small Reds.

“Creating a new pack offering for Sam’s Club with our Large Lima Beans was driven by high consumer demand of our 1-pound Large Lima in these southern states” added Robert Blake, director of sales with L.H. Hayward & Co. “We love adding products to shelves because our consumers want more.”

Dedicated to bringing people together through their beans, Camellia Brand encourages families and friends to “Gather ‘Round,” cook and enjoy a meal together. Unlike other dry beans, the 19 types of beans, peas and lentils are each cleaned six times to ensure they do not have to be soaked or rinsed prior to cooking.

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