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The Dead Beans Parade: A Skeletal Spinoff of the Red Beans Parade

Just in time for Lundi Gras 2019 (Mar.  4th), the Red Beans Parade— which celebrates the importance of red beans & rice and carnival – will proudly hold for the second year in a row its offshoot called the Dead Beans Parade. Devin DeWulf started the Red Bean Parade in 2008; incorporating elements of a second line and Mardi Gras Indian tribes, it’s a walking parade which takes place – naturally – on a Monday. Monday has traditionally been the day New Orleanians cook red beans and rice, so Lundi Gras was a natural fit. The krewe’s philosophy is simple. It’s about meeting and socializing with other creative types while celebrating New Orleans’ quirky culture. Members – known as “beaners” – meet on Monday nights to work on their bean-adorned costumes, have a drink, and eat red beans. The elaborate costumes are a point of pride to the group. The first parade consisted of about 20 members, but today it boasts about five times as many.

The Dead Beans Parade

The fact is, the bean-costume-lovin’ group has always had marchers who costume as skeletons — also known as “Dead Beans” — as well as those whose costumes are tributes to celebrities who’ve died in the preceding year. So in order to grow the popular 100-member krewe in a way that keeps things small and intimate, it made sense to create a separate group called the Dead Beans. The Dead Beans will second line from the Bayou St. John area, meander through Mid-City, and meet up with the Red Beans Parade in Tremé.

Dead Beans Parade Costume Girl

This year’s Dead Beans parade will be led by the Panorama Jazz Band, Bon Bon Vivant band, and other special guests. Starting at 2 pm at the Pitot House on Bayou St. John, it will attempt to make pub crawl stops at Pal’s Lounge, Club Caribbean, The Candlelight Lounge, and the Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum. And taking a cue from the Red Beans Parade Beanmobile, a 1969 Cadillac hearse will be lovingly coated in new and unique bean designs for all to see.

Check Out the Dead Bean Parade Route:

And see the Red Beans Parade along its traditional route: