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Red Bean Essentials: Andouille Sausage

Not your standard smoked sausage

Andouille sausage is a classic, go-to ingredient for many red bean lovers and one they wouldn’t dream of forgoing when simmering their favorite Monday meal. Chewy and meaty, Andouille is made with chunks of lean pork shoulder spiced with garlic, salt, black pepper, and cayenne and then slow-smoked over pecan wood fires. With all that flavor packed in, it adds deep, smoky flavor and a hit of heat to the pot that regular sausage just can’t replicate. Born from German ingenuity in south Louisiana, Andouille is a delicious contribution from a sausage-making immigrant group that over centuries has had a big impact on Cajun culture and its culinary traditions.

Sliced Andouille Cooking Up Close

The ultimate in smoky flavor, flavorful fat & richness

Many red bean fans slice and brown their Andouille sausage in a few glugs of oil, before adding the trinity — making sure that the smoky flavor infuses those aromatic vegetables (and every ingredient added thereafter) with flavorful fat and richness. The texture of Adouille is unusually hearty, the aroma is similar to bacon (mmmm), and many claim it’s their secret ingredient and the perfect complement to creamy red beans. Try this Easy Stovetop Red Beans & Rice recipe featuring Andouille sausage, and see if you agree. And read on to see how some fans rely on it as a red bean essential.

“Andouille and smoked Tasso and or ham. In the slow cooker. All day.”
Try H.

“Andouille, diced pickled pork, garlic, Tony’s, and a really good blend of other seasonings.”
Liz X.

“Andouille sausage, garlic, Tony’s, onions and mash some of dem beans to thicken it up. Slow cook.
John M.

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