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Sweet & Spicy Air Fryer Chickpeas

air fryer chickpea garbanzo honey

It’s snack time. Let’s air-fry some chickpeas!
Air fryers are the latest popular kitchen gadget, and for good reason. Cooking with an air fryer has so many advantages! First, foods that are generally fried in a deep fryer can be prepared in the air fryer with the same taste and ease, but with way less calories and fat. Even if you’re not preparing fried foods, air fryers are a great way to get crispy roasted veggies and juicy meat without using as much oil.

Air fryers are essentially countertop convection ovens. Like a convection oven, air fryers circulate hot air around the food you are preparing to ensure foods are crisp and browned on the outside, but still juicy on the inside. Some of the perks of using an air fryer versus a traditional oven are that you often don’t have to preheat them at all, taking away the wait time. For those that do need to preheat, the time is still minimal compared to a normal oven. If you are cooking recipes where the desired outcome is crisp and browned, such as roasting, you will have much more success in an air fryer. Cooking in an air fryer leads to a much more even result, with less turning or basting necessary as the heat is evenly distributed around the food. Air fryers are also great for slow roasting small items when you don’t want to heat your entire oven up!

Crispy chick pea bites the whole family will love.

Crispy bites the whole family will love.
Whether you are craving something salty or sweet, crispy garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) make a delicious, healthy snack the whole family will love. Try our Spicy New Orleans Air Fryer Chickpeas for a salty snack with a kick, or if you prefer to satisfy your sweet tooth, make some Texas Honey Air Fryer Chickpeas. Crispy chickpeas are a great snack to have on hand for cravings throughout the week or to serve at your next gathering. You can also use them as a crunchy salad topping!

For these crispy chickpea recipes, the air fryer was perfect. The air fryer’s convection-style heat first helped dry out the chickpeas, leading to a much crispier, more satisfying result than cooking these guys in the oven. To make them perfectly crispy, you will want to set the heat high to dry them out in the air fryer for a few minutes after they are cooked in your Instant Pot. Once they are dried out, they will need a little bit of oil, but not too much. Opening the basket and spraying them with cooking oil and giving the basket a quick shake to toss them is all you need. Once they are done cooking, just toss them with your preferred seasoning for the perfect, healthy snack.

texas honey chickpea garbanzo beans