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One Pot Winners Make Football-Watching More Fun

When it’s time to watch football, you want to indulge in New Orleans and Louisiana flavors you know and love. And with our delicious dinner & seasoning mixes that feature clean, all natural ingredients and spices, all you have to do is add what you like, simmer, and serve. These foolproof, favorite meals taste just right — and are the no-brainers you need when you’re hyper-focused on the game. Get ready to deliver your next one pot winner.

Stovetop Creole Red Beans

Stovetop Creole Red Beans next to a box of camellia brand red bean seasoning

Our Creole Red Bean Seasoning is a tried-and-true blend of authentic Creole spices and vegetables that’ll season a pot of red beans to perfection. You won’t believe how easy it is to get great flavor — just add beans!

Stovetop Cajun White Beans

Stovetop Cajun White Beans in a dutch oven next to a box of cajun white bean seasoning

When you wanna season a pot of white beans in one fell swoop, rely on our Cajun White Bean Seasoning. Whether you prefer Great Northerns, Navy Beans, Limas, or Cannellinis, you’ll be good to go.

Instant Pot Creole Jambalaya

InstaPot of Jambalaya with Camellia Brand's Jambalaya Seasoning Mix next to it

Our Jambalaya Cajun Seasoning Mix is a perfect blend of long grain rice, authentic Cajun spices, and vegetables that’ll make a wonderfully hearty meal; just add chicken, sausage, seafood, or your favorite plant-based protein, and you’ll be feeding family and friends in no time.

Cajun Dirty Rice

Close up of dirty rice inside of a bowl

Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix, when combined with ground beef or ground turkey, makes another easy dish that’ll stick to your ribs. Try it with ground chorizo for a spicier kick.

Stovetop Cajun Gumbo

Stovetop Cajun Gumbo in a blue dutch oven featuring shrimp and sasuage next to a box of camellia brand gumbo roux base and a plate of white rice

Our Gumbo Cajun Roux Base is just what you need to easily make a great-tasting gumbo from scratch. Add chicken & sausage or seafood — and simmer. Yum.