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All-Star Game Day Chili & Nachos

Beef and Black Bean Chili

There are so many good reasons to make a big batch of hearty chili during the cooler months of fall. Football-watching parties, tailgating, block parties, family get-togethers, and potlucks — just to name a few. Chili is one-pot comfort food at its finest, feeds a crowd, and makes a great topping for everything from nachos and baked potatoes to pasta and hot dogs. When you bulk it up with healthy bean protein and offer lots of delicious toppings, chili is a complete meal in a bowl.

Our new chili recipes feature something for everyone: Beef & Black Bean ChiliWhite Bean & Chicken Chili, and 3-Bean Vegetarian Chili. The spice levels can be easily adjusted to suit your taste, there’s no need to cook the beans in advance, and we’ve got both stovetop and slow cooker versions of each recipe. Talk about easy entertaining! Oh, and don’t pass up our Loaded Nachos — a cheesy, must-have appetizer for any football gathering — made with a heaping helping of Beef & Black Bean Chili.


Beef & Black Bean Chili


This hearty chili is certain to become a game day favorite. Beef & Black Bean Chili calls for ground beef, but you can lighten things up by using sirloin or substituting ground turkey. With black beans and four different kinds of chilies — poblanos, jalapeno, chipotle powder, and fire-roasted green chilies — there’s a depth of flavor that’ll keep folks coming back for more. (Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t tried these chilies before. Just taste as you go to get the level of heat you like.) On a scale of 1-5, the spice level of the recipe as it’s written is a 3. Top with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and chopped green onions, and enjoy.

Get the Stovetop Beef & Black Bean Chili recipe.

Get the Slow Cooker Beef & Black Bean Chili recipe.


White Bean & Chicken Chili


Smooth yet robust flavors come together in this creamy White Bean & Chicken Chili. Mild enough to please everyone but substantial enough to satisfy, this recipe features smoked Hatch chilies (you can substitute roasted poblano chilies), cannellini beans, chicken breasts or thighs, smoked paprika, and a combo of cornmeal and cream that adds a super-velvety finish at the end of cooking. Top with shredded cheese, sour cream, avocado, and chopped fresh cilantro, and watch it get eaten up by all. On a scale of 1-5, the spice level of this recipe is a 2.

Get the Stovetop White Bean & Chicken Chili recipe.

Get the Slow Cooker White Bean & Chicken Chili recipe.


3-Bean Vegetarian Chili


Meat? They’ll never miss it. This 3-Bean Vegetarian Chili’s appealing flavor comes from smoked Hatch chilies (you can substitute roasted poblano chilies), a bottle of pale ale beer, red kidneys, cannellinis, black beans, and smoked paprika. The beer tends to add a warm maltiness, and the addition of extra olive oil at the end of cooking adds creaminess. Folks will want to dig in, for sure. On a scale of 1-5, the spice level in this chili is a 3.

Get the Stovetop 3-Bean Vegetarian Chili recipe.

Get the Slow Cooker 3-Bean Vegetarian Chili recipe.


Loaded Nachos


So easy and so good! Simply top tortilla chips with Beef & Black Bean Chili and plenty of shredded cheese. Stick ’em under the broiler, and when the cheese is all melted and gooey, sprinkle generously with halved grape tomatoes, chopped cilantro, chopped green onions, and diced avocados. Add a few generous dollops of sour cream so that nachos can be pulled apart and dipped in for extra creamy flavor. But watch out — before you know it, they’ll be gobbled up, and you’ll be making another batch.

Get the Loaded Nachos recipe.

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